Executive Committee

Great Britain

President of the Association
Univ.-Prof. Adam Hardy
(History of architecture of South Asia)
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
Email: hardya@cardiff.ac.uk


Secretary of the Association
Dr. Ute Franke
(Pre-historic archaeology)
Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin
Email: u.franke@smb.spk-berlin.de


Univ.-Prof. Deborah Klimburg-Salter
Professor for non-European art history
Department of Art History, University of Vienna
Email: klimburg-salter.kunstgeschichte@univie.ac.at


Univ.-Prof. Klaus Karttunen
Professor of South Asian and Indoeuropean Studies,
Institute for Asian and African Studies, Department of World Cultures
University of Helsinki
Email: klaus.karttunen@helsinki.fi


Dr. Vincent Lefèvre
Deputy Director in charge of the Collections
Department of French Museums
Ministry of Culture and Communication
Email: vincent.lefevre@culture.gouv.fr


Univ.Prof. Pierfrancesco Callieri
Professor of art and archaeology of India and Iran
University of Bologna
Email: pierfrancesco.callieri@unibo.it

The Netherlands

Dr. Ellen Raven
Lecturer in Indian arts and material culture (specialist for numismatics)
University of Leiden
Email: e.m.raven@hum.leidenuniv.nl


Univ.-Prof. Marco Madella
(Prehistoric archaeology / Environmental archaeology)
ICREA – Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Institució Milà i Fontanals – Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Email: marco.madella@icrea.es


Dr. Eva Myrdal
Head Research and Documentation
National Museums of World Culture, Sweden
Email: eva.myrdal@varldskulturmuseerna.se